Cama Institute – The Roots

From Research to Consulting

l want to take a moment to remember the roots of my business – the cama Institute.
1997: I founded the institute with engaged, competent and open minded consultants and employees who were keen to learn. I led the cama Institute for 15 years with these people supporting me and together we did much successful work.
We started with research about large-group methods and their effects and soon went on to Change Consulting. Our speciality and our passion became change with the whole workforce! Probably the biggest challenge we had was to bring 20.000 people from 34 companies together to focus on one common goal. With our support our customer was able to achieve results for this challenge that, at first, seemed impossible.
We used a substantial network in order to successfully carry out these large scale processes and give our customers full service. As a result, our customers received consultancy, facilitation, technical support, catering, documentation – all the necessary elements to achieve the goals of their processes.
Since 2013, Carole Maleh ChangeConsultant is passionately building upon the work of the cama Institute.