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As experts in large change processes and workforce involvement you can use our two decades of expertise for guaranteed perfect planning and rollout of your processes. You can be sure that your goals are met.



Change Consulting

Whether you are starting from scratch or you are already in the midst of it. Change needs to happen immediately. Questions pop up like, where should we start and with whom? Which method should we apply and when? How and when do we involve the employees? How should I behave as a leader? How can we keep the process running or how do we deal with conflicts?

What I can do for you:

  • Consulting about specific questions that occur in your change process
  • Developing process procedures (process architectures) and interventions as well as communication strategies
  • Coaching for change-crucial presentations in front of your people



Change Management

The change concept is clear but you need someone to manage the whole process, to keep it running and sustainable. I will gladly take over facilitation, coordination and roll-out of change measures as well as integrating them in daily routines.

Will lead you through the process according to a timeline and process procedure and provide adequate project structure. At all times, you know the goals and the chosen measures. You oversee the results and how they are integrated in the next steps. I facilitate project meetings, workshops and conferences. Evaluation of the process is a matter of fact. In this way, project management, consulting and facilitation blend.




You decide to go for the big impact. A conference with 100, 500, 1000 people or even your entire workforce. Results and interactivity are priority. Your staff is actively working to get answers to the organizational issue that needs to be solved quickly and create cooperative results. This is the best prerequisite for a successful enterprise.

3 things I can do for you:

  • Development of conference procedures and facilitation of the conference
  • Full preparation of the event from the details to the big picture
  • Creative event creation using light and music shows, film and artists as well as with new communication methods in cooperation with business partners of Carole Maleh ChangeConsultant



Interim Management

The posts are available: “Head of Organizational Development” or “Project leader for Change”, but you still haven’t found a suitable candidate. I can jump in at short notice and take care of your processes. As soon as you have found an appropriate person I will organize a good handover.

How can I support?

  • Get in contact
  • Together we will see what is best for your company
  • All offers are custom tailored to your needs



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