Creating a stable basis

Each change process starts with an introductory talk and a planning phase. The customer, stakeholders and the external consultant plan the change target, the interventions, the methods and the steps needed to prepare. They also decide how to communicate and how to build trust in the process and its goals.
Workshops or conferences are just activities within a bigger picture. Mostly they are the highlight in a change process. But long before those events much work has to be done to prepare the stakeholders for change and to collect their issues. The quality of a change process is determined in the preparation and in the way results are carried out after an activity. How will the results be carried out and what is planned to keep the change running? In addition, the work-force need to see that the change is being taken seriously.
As a result, the focus of all activities is to provide trust and security in the process at all times. Security that each step is useful for the future of the organisation. That all results are worked further, that the issues of leadership and the workforce are considered and that the change is about a common goal which is worth achieving.