Success Stories

Project experiences (extract)

Multinational Pharmaceutical Corporation

Enhancing an open-mindedness to change and attitude of leaders and workforce of the whole plant.

The Corporation needed to adjust to new market requirements and therefore wanted to attune to a new strategy. Operational Excellence and Lean Six Sigma had already been introduced, in order to stand the rising competitive pressure. It was necessary to implement the change instruments in a robust way and stimulate an open-minded attitude toward change among 1700 people. Especially the leader needed to see the need for change and act accordingly. Therefore, an additional target of the project was to orient leadership qualities according to the new strategy and Operational Excellence.
Every single employee must understand that there must be more open-mindedness towards change in order to keep the plant economically stable in a sustainable way. At that moment this was not seen as necessary. Moreover, the instrument of Operational Excellence should be clear to everyone and the chain of economic value added should be optimized. A focus toward the new strategy should be realized as well as a rise in leadership qualities.
All employees were involved in a month-long process that included a large group conference and a road show. The conference invoked a high level of understanding for Operational Excellence and a variety of initiatives to foster the strategy and to implement new structures to support change. A new leadership instrument was implemented based on the conference’s results. Sustainability of the process’ results has been secured by subsequent structured and facilitated meetings, several other smaller conferences, a continued flow of information and a project manager who took care of the execution of all binding resolutions.


Multinational Tourist Corporation

Development of leadership assessment criteria to implement assessment systems.

The corporation had to face comprehensive, world-wide changes. Leadership quality was seen as its core. Therefore leadership abilities needed to be focused on and enhanced.
We had to create understanding of leadership assessment. Criteria needed to be developed in order to measure the leadership qualities of all leaders. Those criteria needed to then be transformed into measurable figures to provide a sound basis for the new assessment systems.
All the assessment criteria were decided on by consensus during a large group conference. As a result the leadership had high trust of those the assessment systems that a smooth implementation and use of the system was possible.


Multinational Business Consultancy Corporation

Implementing a new sales culture for 9,000 people.

Due to the economic crisis in 2009 less turnover was achieved. Even though improvements were in sight, the consultants and managers needed to be attuned to a new sales culture.
The unpopular task of selling needed to be re-envisioned. A long-lasting process had to be initiated instead of short-lived initiatives and measures that had been taken up to this point. Consultants and management needed to be involved and inspired about selling which they had not seen as important up to that time. The competitive patterns among the consultants and the regions needed to be opened and team-openness and team thinking needed to increase.
Credibility and trust in a lasting process among the consultants has been achieved by a rigorous and target-oriented procedure. A large group conference enabled participants to accept the new sales philosophy and has triggered various implementation measures. The core of sustainability was a special roll-out concept with continuous and targeted communication, road shows, regional conferences, team meetings and various sales measures.


National Health Insurance Company

Implementation of a new company’s principle to stabilize the company.

The company was weakened due to several waves of dismissals, a merger and years of austerity measures. New principles needed to again bring the people together and help them stand up for their company. The focus on market and customers had to be sharpened.
The lack of motivation to work for this company and the diminished trust of the staff concerning its management needed to be overcome for a better future.
Via measures in which all people were involved, trust in the process and in the future of the company was re-established. The efficiency and the atmosphere at the workplace were measurably improved. The commonly developed principles have proven to be a stable ground for positive change during the coming years.