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Change Management Consulting

Over 25 years of experience as a consultant for large and medium-sized companies
Pioneer for large group conference methods around change management
Carole Maleh

Your Business

You know your company. You have been mastering challenging situations with your employees for years. They look back on a number of achievements. And you are confident that you will get your company through the next downturn.

And yet you ask yourself: What will be the best way to master the challenging issues of the future? How do you quickly find the best solution? And how do you manage to implement this in the shortest possible time?

The multitude of challenges for your company is high – just like the pressure that weighs on you, the company and your employees. Concentrating on the essentials, setting priorities, keeping an overview, achieving quick success will be the key skills for change.

At the same time, you want to be sure that the right decisions are being made and that the change initiatives are accepted and implemented by all employees.

Core areas

I advise large corporations, medium-sized companies and departments within corporations that are facing these challenges:

  • Strategy development
  • Reorganization
  • Process and structural development
  • Corporate culture development

More about my core areas.

You want to be sure that the right decisions are made in your company.

You want these decisions to be implemented by all employees.

And you want your company to get into gear quickly.

To this end, you are looking for a partner with a wealth of experience. Perhaps we would be a good fit…

The meaning and importance of the focal points of strategy development and reorganization should be mentioned here as an example.

Through tailor-made planning, design and implementation of changes within an organization, the aim is to promote an efficient, committed and innovative corporate culture, to adapt the company to its goals and visions, to improve the working environment and to ensure long-term success.

Strategy development and reorganization include the following steps:

1. Analysis of the current challenges, problems and strengths: Before changes can be made, it is important to understand the existing status and business model of the company. This can be done through surveys, workshops or interviews with employees.

2. Defining the desired objectives: The managers and employees must jointly define which processes, values, behaviors and principles are important for the company and which cultural changes are necessary in order to achieve them.

3. Planning of change initiatives: Based on the analysis and the goals for the company’s orientation and corporate culture, strategies and measures must be developed to implement the changes.

The reorganization in the area of corporate culture development includes the adjustment of the corporate structure to support an effective implementation of the new culture strategy.

This can include:

1. Adaptation of the organizational structure: A new organizational structure may be necessary to improve the collaboration, communication and decision-making that contribute to the realization of the desired corporate culture.

2. Revision of processes and procedures: Inefficient or outdated processes can hinder the implementation of the new corporate culture and should be adjusted accordingly.

3. Personnel development and management: The development of managers and employees plays a central role in creating a sustainable corporate culture. Training, coaching and mentoring programs can help strengthen employees’ skills and prepare them for the new requirements.

4. Communication and engagement: In order to ensure a successful implementation of the changes, it is crucial to continuously inform the employees about the changes and to actively involve them in the process.

What I can do for you

Over 25 years of consulting, business and management experience

Change Management Consulting & Process Control

For board members to department heads

Bringing structured and successful change into everyday life: I can guide you through a complex range of focus areas, requirements and framework conditions while maintaining a balance with objectives, results, measures and feasibility.

Such focus areas can include:

  • Strategy development and strategy implementation
  • Implementation of reorganization decisions
  • Process and structural adaptations
  • Changes in corporate culture

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Large group conferences:
Conception & moderation

For entire companies, divisions or departments (50 to 1,000 people)

Precisely tailored to your company with results that can be implemented immediately: every large group conference only has one shot! They must therefore be conceived, prepared and carried out with care.

  • Fast & sound solutions
  • Ready for immediate implementation
  • Acceptance among employees and managers

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Carole Maleh

About Carole Maleh

As a change management consultant, I make sure that your change process is planned, carried out and implemented in line with your goals. Focus, clarity, getting to the point are essential characteristics.
The network of diverse topics and challenges, goals and conflicting goals, stakeholders and their different interests, as well as framework conditions and external requirements are kept in balance for the change initiatives. Overview, stringency and structure are important here.
I will guide you step by step through the milestones of the process and keep an eye on the success of the process at all times. And I make sure that the balance between effort and output is maintained during the process.
A customer describes my way of working as follows:
“Working together (with Carole Maleh) is incredibly exhausting! Why? Because you yourself are forced to analyze the starting point very systematically and in doing so you are made aware of fields that you have not seen (or did not want to see) in this way. This solid and conceptually stringent procedure continues successfully in the project planning, the planning and organization phase and in the subsequent implementation. Even almost 10 years after our mission statement process, we see our project as a model process in shaping the corporate culture.”

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