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Change conferences

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Change conferences
Substantial, quick & long-lasting effects


Up to several hundred people gather, in order to find solutions to a situation faced by the organization. In small groups, they are led through a structured process aimed at producing one common result, developed and accepted by everyone present. Each participant takes part. Every single voice is important, whether from leadership or staff. Every answer is included in the result.

Each change conference has a detailed storyboard, linking the steps and determining the use of a variety of methods.

Change Konferenzen

What are the benefits of a change conference?

1. All stakeholders come together in one room.
2. A large group of people can be involved in one room (i.e. 50, 100, 200, 1000 people).
3. Well-grounded and realistic solutions are produced, since stakeholders provide knowledge, competencies, and resources.
4. Results are developed within minutes due to effective work methods.
5. Long lasting solutions result, developed directly by employees and leadership.

How does a change conference work?

Bulletpoint blue All stakeholders come together in one room.
Bulletpoint blue This large group is divided into small mixed groups.
Bulletpoint blue Each group makes decisions.
Bulletpoint blue Information is presented in the plenary so everyone is aware of the scope of the approaching change.
Bulletpoint blue All groups focus on the same target, yet each works on specific questions with clear instructions and different roles and responsibilities.
Bulletpoint blue All results are presented and condensed, and priorities are set in the plenary.
Bulletpoint blue Small groups are created again, in order to further develop the priorities.

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