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Change conferences
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As a change consultant and facilitator for change conferences, I make sure that your change conference is perfectly developed, organized and facilitated according to your concerns. All essential issues are considered and focused on the target. Logistics and organization are adjusted to the type of conference and specific needs of the target group. The participants are attuned to the procedure and the content of the change conference. To secure quick implementation of the conference results, structures, responsibilities, and procedures are agreed upon. I facilitate the conference and ensure that the focus remains on the issues and the goal of the conference.

An important factor in the success of your change conference is aligning the conference to your individual issues, goals and target group. Conference development, planning and execution, therefore, take place with the support of the steering group (representatives of employees and leadership).

The issues addressed in a change conference are manifold. They range from strategy development, innovation, product development, customer care, to the development of a corporate culture.


What is a change conference?

Up to several hundred people gather in one room during a change conference. Their goal is to find solutions to master a volatile situation in the organization.

All participants are allocated to specific small groups. They are facilitated through a structured working process that leads to a communally developed and accepted result. Every participant is involved. Each voice is relevant. And every answer contributes to the final result.


You want to hold a change conference with 50, 100, 500 or even 1000 employees?

Typical questions are::

Bulletpoint pink What needs to be achieved with the change conference?
Bulletpoint pink Which issues need to be addressed?
Bulletpoint pink How many people should take part?
Bulletpoint pink How long should the conference be?
Bulletpoint pink Which conference-concept fits the organization and its situation?
Bulletpoint pink What is logistically needed?
Bulletpoint pink Who will facilitate?
Bulletpoint pink What happens with the conference results?
Change Konferenz


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Our procedure

1. In a pre-meeting, we define the goals and scope of the change conference.
2. Together with a steering-team (made up of employees and management), the content and procedure of the conference are developed, and an implementation plan is generated.
3. The target group is informed about the overall project, including the content and procedure of the conference.
4. Following the conference, its results are finalized, recorded, evaluated and structurally implemented.
5. Every participant contributes to the systematic implementation of the conference results.


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