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Change management for start-ups

Carole Maleh, over 20 years entrepreneur, manager and consultant

Change management for start-ups
Corporate structure, leadership, and development


I founded my first company in 1997, with the help of my mentor. What a relief it was, when he was able to answer all my questions, when he gave me support in defining my strategy and creating my corporate identity. His mentoring became essential to keeping a clear focus on my goals.

As I gained experience as a change consultant, I assigned external consultants for my organizational development, for marketing and communication. It was apparent to me, that the fundamental growth of my company would be much more successful if advised professionally. I now can say, that my customers benefit very much from this approach.


Change management - Start-up Mentorin

Start-up mentoring

For people with the courage to found a company.
Change management - Start-up Beratung

Start-up change management consulting

For start-up businesses that grow quickly.


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