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Carole Maleh, over 20 years change management expert and consultant

Consultancy and execution of a value analysis

Evaluation and recommendation for implementation

Steering and execution of the implementation

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Value analysis Understanding & planning Change Process
Online-Survey Dialogue with the stakeholders Implementation of the results
Value analysis Online-Survey
Understanding & planning Dialogue with the stakeholders
Change Process Implementation of the results


Bulletpoint pink Value analysis: Online-Survey
In an online-survey all employees are asked regarding 3 aspects:
a) Personal values
b) Experienced values within the organization
c) Those values that are perceived to be vital for the business’ success.

The survey works through an internet portal and requires only 10 – 15 minutes to complete. participants can be individuals, teams, departments, whole companies or even concerns. The effort is the same for each, merely 10 – 15 minutes.

Bulletpoint pink Understanding & planning: Dialogue with the stakeholders
Results are graphicly visualized.

After a short introduction, a dialogue with all stakeholders follows. The goal is to raise understanding about which values are responsible for the happenings in the organization. About how structures, processes, systems, product choices, and cooperations derive from those values. How problems evolve through clashes and varying expectations involving values. And through raised consciousness, defining which values are necessary for the company’s success.

Bulletpoint pink Change Process: Implementation of the results
A common understanding of the desired values is agreed upon, and will be implemented step by step in daily routine procedures and projects. It’s assiduously determined how structures, systems, procedures and behavior must change, in order to mirror those values that are most important in developing the organization towards success.

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