Szenen Carole Maleh

Change Management Consulting

Planning – Control – Implementation

Your situation: Act quickly – have all employees and managers on board
You are faced with the challenge of repositioning your company or division, adapting to changing requirements, improving the internal organization or even boosting performance.

In each case you are required:

  • To act quickly
  • To keep your unit operational
  • To have your employees on board while implementing the process.

External consultancy: Expertise and an independent outsider’s viewpoint
As an external change management consultant I make sure that a balance between investment and results is maintained across the network of focus areas, interests, stakeholders and requirements in the change process. Your specified goal for change remains in focus at all times.

As an external consultant, you can expect a critical viewpoint, clear and open communication, many years of expertise in change processes from various industries and a structured and transparent approach.

Change process in the whole organization

The consulting approach: Clear roles – working together for the best results

  1. I take responsibility for the structure and assume control: this allows me to guide you step by step through the milestones of every measure and keep an eye on the overall efficacy of the process at all times.
  2. The content comes from your company: involving stakeholders is therefore the key factor for success. Their knowledge, competence, experience and networking not only provides the necessary information for developing solutions, but also for their implementation.
  3. Cooperating closely with you as the client forms a core and steering team, which results in a successful symbiosis of external and internal competence and this in turn leads to an optimal execution of the process.
  4. In the long term, “internal consultants” from your company will continue the process independently. To this end, knowledge of methods and processes is imparted from the very beginning of the cooperation and selected employees can qualify as “internal consultants”. The aim is to continue as quickly as possible without external advice.

Consultancy services for getting started

Step 1

Consultation with the client


The most important answers immediately.

The consultation will provide you with the most important information for your decision-making process.


  • 1 hour, by phone
  • There is no charge for this consultation.


The success of your department, your division or even your entire company depends on the extent to which you succeed in making employees responsible for your business decisions. You are looking for a way to do this.

You want to know:

  • How you might proceed
  • How you could start the process convincingly and effectively
  • What you could achieve and how long it takes to see the first results.


Clarity for future decisions

The result of the consultation is a clearer picture of the objectives, areas where action is required, a possible course of action and the success criteria of your upcoming change process.

Step 2

Consultation meeting with senior management


A sound basis for decision-making.

After the consultation session, it will be clear to your leadership team which path is promising for all of you. It will bring you all together.


  • 4 hours with 3 to 5 decision makers
  • 1 consultation day


You have initial approaches to solutions on how to win over your employees for the coming changes. Your goal is to implement changes as quickly as possible so that day-to-day business can be quickly run smoothly again. Your managers and employees should be equally responsible for this.

First of all, however, you will need the approval of your management colleagues. You therefore want to make sure that your management colleagues:

  • Have examined the approaches to solutions that have been devised so far and consider them to be promising.
  • Have defined weak points as well as success criteria in order to increase the likelihood that the change will be a success.
  • Are behind your project!


Commitment in the management team.

The result of the consultation meeting is a joint decision on the scope and process of the change.

Step 3

Consultation workshop with decision makers & employees


Overall decision-making & planning.

After the consultation workshop you can be sure that your project will be accepted by management and employees.

You and your management team will be on the same page.


  • 1 – 2 day workshop with up to 15 people
  • Cost is dependent on size of group


Something has to change! And you are convinced that this will only have the desired effect if your employees are on board. Your first decisions for the coming changes should now be reviewed by a larger group to ensure the best chances of success.

You therefore want to ensure that:

  • This plan is accepted by all levels of management and employees.
  • The critical moments and most controversial topics are defined.
  • A path is decided upon that makes your employees feel responsible for the process.


An accepted concept for change.

The result of the consultation workshop is a jointly developed concept for the process. Objectives, general conditions, methodology, milestones and target group are jointly agreed.