Szenen Carole Maleh

Core Areas

Core consultancy focus: Large and medium-sized companies in complex change processes

Your situation: You feel under pressure to change. The situation requires that you to take serious measures. You have to act quickly and at the same time achieve a significant impact.

How far your employees accept these changes and the extent of their commitment are essential factors for you in making this project a success. You are now searching for approaches and methods that will enable you to achieve this.

Quick solutions that are greeted with widespread acceptance among employees and their consistent implementation constitute the focuses of my consulting work. The consulting process therefore centers on engaging and enthusing every employee and manager with the change.

Consulting services: Planning, controlling, implementation & training of internal consultants

My task here is to guide you in a structured way through each step of the change. Keep track of every milestone, goal and result that follows. To advise, to conduct large group conferences and all meetings in the course of the process and finally to pass on method and process knowledge to your employees.

Carole Maleh

Focus areas

I am at your disposal to provide you with my expertise on the following focus areas:

A sound and high-quality strategy lays the foundation

A strategy describes where the focus should be in order to achieve the corporate goal. Aspects such as current challenges and problems, existing strengths and beneficial values, future developments and requirements, internal development goals and market information are therefore incorporated into the development of the strategy. There is much to be said for a feasible, desirable and understandable strategy.

Acceptance of the strategy among employees

Only a strategy that is widely accepted will be implemented. To achieve this, the strategy is developed in several stages and together with stakeholders. Throughout this process, all employees are aware of the project and are also involved on a point by point basis. All those who take part will stand by the result.

Consistent implementation of the strategy by employees and managers

Successive workshops and Large Group Conferences ensure that every employee in the company is familiar with the strategy and has taken it on board. Each individual has his or her responsibility and role in implementing the strategy and makes a binding contribution to it. Management levels and multipliers provide continuous and systematic support in the ongoing implementation of the strategy.

Entire companies are rethought and corporate purpose, corporate goals, strategies, locations, structures, processes, products and markets are reassessed. The range of aspects that can be reviewed and rethought is immense and overwhelming. The complexity of this situation must be broken down.

Exploratory workshops examining the priorities and design of the reorganization will be held with representatives of all the stakeholders. Correlations are established, variables and fixed values are defined. With this framework in place, multipliers will then be involved in developing workstreams, work units, process structures and communication. Large group conferences held at a later stage ensure that corporate decisions are accepted by the workforce.

Developing and delivering new products and services forces us to consider processes. Processes are ascertained, written down, analyzed, standardized, changed or even dropped. Cost pressure, new technologies, requirements or even management approaches can moreover lead to reductions or improvements in processes. Dependent on this are structures that will have to be reconsidered, defined and ultimately implemented.

The processes and structures are analyzed and optimized together with the people who are directly affected. The know-how of what IS and what SHOULD be can be collected quickly and effectively with this target group. Revisions, improvements, adaptations etc. are carried out together with decision-makers and those affected.

Strategy, reorganization and process or structural developments are automatically linked to the corporate culture, and vice versa. Management principles, values, rules, agreements, habits and mechanisms for decision-making, project management, sales and dealing with stakeholders and cooperation partners, evaluation and selection procedures and communication and meeting structures are all elements of corporate culture.

The corporate culture should certainly be taken into account if a strategy, reorganization or process optimization is to succeed. At the same time, it is also possible to work on the corporate culture separately.

The Change Management Process at a glance

It is only possible to cope with change management processes in complex situations if there is cooperation between employees and managers and if approaches and methods are used that allow joint development, decision-making and implementation.

Three essential components of a successful complex process are:

  1. The steering team: the guarantor for tailor-made change processes
  2. Large group conferences: mobilize employees – swift & accepted solutions
  3. Implementation through multipliers: measures enacted by internal staff

What I can do for you

Over 20 years of consulting, business and management experience

Change Management Consulting & Process Control

For board members to department heads

Bringing structured and successful change into everyday life: I can guide you through a complex range of focus areas, requirements and framework conditions while maintaining a balance with objectives, results, measures and feasibility.

Such focus areas can include:

  • Strategy development and strategy implementation
  • Implementation of reorganization decisions
  • Process and structural adaptations
  • Changes in corporate culture

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Large group conferences:
Conception & moderation

For entire companies, divisions or departments (50 to 1,000 people)

Precisely tailored to your company with results that can be implemented immediately: every large group conference only has one shot! They must therefore be conceived, prepared and carried out with care.

  • Fast & sound solutions
  • Ready for immediate implementation
  • Acceptance among employees and managers

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