Szenen Carole Maleh

Large Group Conferences

Conception – Moderation – Evaluation

Does your company need to change quickly? Do you want your employees to back such changes? If so, it makes sense to hold a large group conference.

What is a large group conference?

One room. All the stakeholders. One or two days. 50 to several hundred participants. There is only one goal: to develop solutions. Solutions for the situation the company or your unit is facing – whether it is a reorientation, adapting to new requirements, reorganizing or improving performance.

At a large group conference, participants are guided through a structured working process in small groups. This results in a collective outcome at the end of the large group conference. Everyone has a stake in this result. Everyone, be they an employee or a manager, has a voice. Each statement contributes to the overall outcome.

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What is the benefit of a large group conference?

Fast, high-quality and immediately realizable solutions

  • The high number of participants results in a large number of solutions – even within the short time frame of the conference.
  • Stakeholder participation and the structured work process result in perspectives being merged together, which in turn leads to high-quality solutions and also avoids repetitive loops.
  • The participation of managers means decisions can be made on the spot and implemented immediately after the conference.

Acceptance & sustainability of the results

  • There is a high level of acceptance of the results as well as a commitment to their implementation because the solutions are developed by employees and managers alike.

Responsibility of employees & managers

  • Employees and managers feel equally responsible for the success of the company.

My consulting approach & what I can do for you

Consulting: Development, preparation & implementation

  • I can advise you in relation to the possible procedures and methods of a large group conference and steer the entire development and preparation process.
  • I devise the large group conference so that it fully meets your requirements. From a logistical and organizational viewpoint, everything is tailored to the specifics of your employees.
  • An implementation concept is developed jointly in order to implement the results. It is a prerequisite that an evaluation of the process is carried out.

Moderation of a large group conference

  • I will moderate your conference and make sure that at all times the focus remains on the contents and the goals.

“Training” internal consultants

An essential part of my consultancy work is working with multipliers who can become so-called internal consultants later in the process. The aim of my external consulting is to step back from the project as quickly as possible and provide the company with the necessary know-how to continue the process under its own steam. The change should come from within. To start with, I would therefore give an example of the structured process procedure and methodology based on my experience as a consultant. This should mean the project can quickly be implemented independently and without external direction.

Savings in consultancy costs are therefore an advantage of this consulting approach. The ability to implement independently and sustainably is another.

You want to hold a large group conference

The process: Precise and to the point in 5 steps

Every large group conference has only one shot. It is therefore prepared precisely in order to meet your needs.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What should the event achieve?
  • Which focus areas should be addressed?
  • How many people should participate?
  • How long should the event last?
  • Who will moderate?
  • What happens with the results?

These and many other questions will be answered by degrees as part of the cooperation.

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The process usually consists of 5 steps:

  1. The framework of the large group conference is specified at the beginning of the process: goals, requirements, stakeholders, general conditions, process structure etc.
  2. The conference content, the process, the implementation concept and the communication strategy are developed jointly with a steering team (selected employees and managers from your company) in a series of workshops.
  3. Appointments are generally made with the management team.
  4. After the large group conference, the results are documented and evaluated.
  5. The implementation of the results is standardized and controlled.