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Carole Maleh, over 20 years entrepreneur, manager and consultant

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Start-up change management consultancy
For start-up businesses, that grow quickly


As an entrepreneur, a leader and consultant, I can support you, to re-align your corporation, to adjust it to your organizational growth, and to develop a culture that backs your success.

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Your organization has grown tremendously in just a few years. Perhaps you might say that it has grown too quickly or too big.

This could be a possible scenario:

Your business is running well. There is demand that you can fill. Growth is inevitable and desired. Motivation is high. New employees are hired, perhaps even 5 to 10 people each month. With little job training, the newcomers are given work. They are motivated by the feeling of being an important part of this thriving organization. Over time however, it becomes obvious that several people are working on the same task. Some don’t know what others are doing. Responsibilities and roles are uncertain. Alignment procedures take more time than before. And it takes more effort for reliable decisions to be made and often more revision-loops are required. Misunderstandings become a daily occurrence. Controversial decisions are made because responsibilities are unclear. Inconsiderate decisions are rescinded on the grounds of hastiness. Processes take longer than planned as procedures are unclear. Everyone is trying to do his or her best, to serve the best interests of the company, but is uncertain how to achieve it. Confusion, irritation, and tension among colleagues are apparent. Questions are asked about meaning, purpose and orientation.


Start-up businesses with hasty growth, are often plagued by uncertainty, lack of clarity, misunderstandings, confusion and lack of orientation; or, in worst cases, mistrust, discord and anger. Consequently, quality and revenue suffer. The company is in danger.


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