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Start-up mentoring
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In 1997, I became an entrepreneur. With a new product, a new market, no customers, no strategy, and no tax-registration, I had a long list of questions, and fluctuated between euphoria and uncertainty.

Although I was committed to my business idea, I was inexperienced. And the methods I wanted to offer were completely unknown to the German market. Anxiously, I pondered the questions: Do I have a chance at success? How will I finance the start? How to begin? What are my goals? Will my products be beneficial for the market? How will I win customers? How shall I manage legal requirements? Must I sacrifice my private life? Later, I struggled with questions of how to lead staff? How to manage the contracting, and what mind-set will I follow while consulting?

I found answers to all of my questions.

I went to business coaches. I had mentors and colleagues that supported me. In retrospect, I felt driven by my inner certainty that my business consultancy and the methods I wanted to offer would be beneficial for corporations.

Now, over 20 years later, I would like to pass on my experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and leader to people who are courageously bringing their ideas onto the market.


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