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The power of values

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The power of values
The most powerful influential factor in organizations


Values determine the success or failure of an organization.

Performance is more profitable where structure, procedures, rules, habits, and products are attuned to the values of staff, leadership and stakeholders.


Bulletpoint pink Values are powerful!
Values define the success or failure of a company. They determine our thinking, feeling and actions. They provide the basis for rules and structures. They influence our working and decision-making procedures and affect distribution as well as products.

Bulletpoint pink Everyone is led by his or her values, whether to the benefit of the organization or not
Whether shop floor-worker, foreman, clerk or manager, each does his or her work and makes decisions based on individual attitude, assessment and consideration, which in turn are based on individual values. The organization will benefit deeply from matching the individual values to its own lived values.

Bulletpoint pink To ignore values is costly
The more the personal values of the staff differ from the lived values in the organization, the higher the friction losses in working procedure, attunement and decision making. This situation also results in higher rates of absence and error, and increases in revision loops and conflicts. The bigger the discrepancy between the values of the staff and the lived values in the organization, the lower the sense of loyalty and stake in the organization become.


Therefore, the alignment of current values to the future success of the organization are evaluated at each stage of every change process.


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