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What are values?

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What are values?
The basis of thinking, feeling and behavior


What is important for you? Ask this question to find out the values of people and organizations. The answers are sometimes surprising, and always informative. “Company, family, good nutrition, time for myself.” Or: “Honesty, openness in contact with others”. Very often also: “I need to find meaning in my work. I want a short commute. I would like to have chances to develop further.” Or: “My organization should be societally accepted, appreciated by customers, and offer sustainable products.”

Whether human or organization, there are always features and qualities which are important and desirable for the individuum or the organization. Those features and qualities shape the life of the people and the whole organization. These are his or her values.

In a corporation with high risk production, more attention will be paid to the issue of safety for its workers. This is visible in various kinds of safety measures, in controls, trainings and procedures. Health, control, development, quality, sustainability might be values of high worth for such a corporation.

The same applies to individuals. A person who has lived independently from an early age, might value a feeling of freedom in life, to fulfill dreams or to contribute to a better world.

Values affect how we assess situations, our attitudes and beliefs, how we think, what we choose to do and what we achieve!


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