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Carole Maleh, over 20 years entrepreneur, manager and consultant

„...being clear and result- and fact-oriented...“

„...still benefit from the structured procedure, the rigor...“

„...absolutely professional and the result brilliant!!“


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Bayer AG

Dr. Stefan Klatt Site Management Berlin

"During the last four years, Carole has guided the Bayer site at Bergkamen through a process in which we have strategically repositioned the site and introduced a production system. Obviously, these have been changes which could have been difficult and unsettling for the majority of our people. However, guided by Carole, we have not only achieved all our objectives, but also inspired true passion for the “new world” within our workforce. Carole’s contribution to all these changes can hardly be overestimated: she supported the site’s management team to run a very structured change process, which was characterized by profound methodological expertise as well as high empathy for the needs of our people. Professionally designing and preparing all activities with her was really hard work but payed off twice: We achieved much more than we ever dreamed of, and even those of us who had “been there, done that” found themselves brought to new methodological insights. Carole, please accept our heart-felt gratitude."

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AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse

Jürgen Fuchs (Sachsen-Anhalt), Frank Michalak (Brandenburg)

"Collaboration with Carole Maleh and the cama institute is very exhausting! Why? Because one is forced to systematically analyze the initial situation, to find mistakes or is made aware of flaws which one has not seen before or did not want to see. This solid and stringent procedure successfully continued during project set-up, planning, and execution, as well as throughout implementation. Even 10 years after the principle-process with the cama institute, this project is seen as a master piece in creating corporate culture. - Jürgen Fuchs (Sachsen-Anhalt)"

"cama has successfully supported the AOK Health Insurance through a difficult corporate culture process. We – the CEO and the workforce, still benefit from the structured procedure, the rigor in appraising the matter and in the carrying out of action, from the creativity and innovation in the process and the sustainability of the change. - Frank Michalak (Brandenburg)"

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TÜV Nord GmbH

Iris Maaß

"Apart from the fun and energy that can be activated in the company (and oneself) by using large-group methods, the cama institute makes a fabulous impression to even the most hard-hitting management by being clear and result- and fact-oriented. To dig up ideas and resources, the staff must be connected and involved. The cama institute is simply the best partner to ensure the success of such processes."

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Dr. Michael Ritter

"You can rely on the cama consultants. They lead you through the process clear and target-focused. At any time, they know the adequate next steps and have a good overview of the process. They have an analytical view for the numerous parts of a process, also for the hidden ones. As for the latter, cama consultants invest a lot of effort to have them considered in the process, too. I was always sure that their support and recommendation were on behalf of my company."

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Bertelsmann Stiftung

Clemens Wieland

"Collaboration with cama was absolutely professional and the result brilliant!"

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Stadtwerke Hannover AG

Hermann Arens

"I would recommend the cama institute as it consistently follows the philosophy to achieve quality from the beginning, always with the real customers‘ benefit in mind. Carole Maleh would rather lose a contract than lose sight of the customer’s benefit."

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DAK – Unternehmen Leben

Mathias Grün

"A clearly structured work of consultancy. Very straightforward, and nonetheless, empathetic to the customers’ needs. Empathetic and at the same time, challenging. Consistent in time management and target-focussed. Gave input where necessary, was flexible where appropriate and always considering different perspectives. Conclusion: Professional and outspoken consultancy – I like it."

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Bosch Rexroth

Dr. Rainer Schneider

"I see the special competence of cama in the accompanying change processes with the involvement of all employees by large group methods. I appreciate the professional, pleasant cooperation and would use the existing network if necessary for more support in future. "

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Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

Dr. Anja Frank

"From a personal perspective and with regard to the professional execution of the activities, collaboration with you was very pleasant. You were very competent and always target- and success-oriented. Thank you very much. Gladly again!"

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