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Carole Maleh, over 20 years entrepreneur, manager and consultant

Bridging the distance between employees and management

Precise alignment of the client, core team, and steering committee

Raising acceptance of necessary change among all stakeholders

Clear, structured, focussed & including all stakeholders


The biggest challenge for the consultant, is to keep the change moving forward while building up a bridge between employees and management. It is challenging to turn initial resistance into willing cooperation, to handle enormous amounts of information and multiple issues, and to satisfy every stakeholder in accordance with the company’s vision.

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Everyone involved must bring their personal perspectives and abilities to the process. Management needs courage in order to achieve sweeping change. The consultant is there to provide clarity, structure, good planning, exact procedures and to continually help everyone keep focussed on the communal goal. At the same time, cooperation and communication among all stakeholders is essential for a successful change process.

Knowledge, competence, resources, awareness of the need for action, and the willingness to change are the key factors that make the change process succeed.


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