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Carole Maleh, over 20 years entrepreneur, manager and consultant

Move. Touch. Inspire. "Moving is my credo"

Visionary and bold in the market

The story: "Moving is my credo"
The fascination of moving large numbers of people


Carole Maleh

What moves people? What drives them? How do systems work? Already as a child, I found answers to these questions while living in Germany and Lebanon and in different family constructs. In retrospect, this was probably the best training for my current form of consultancy. My first taste of corporate dynamics, however, came through my apprenticeship and work as an industrial clerk in a large company in Berlin. I added a theoretical foundation to my knowledge through my studies in economics and marketing in Berlin and Cambridge. Later I sought out training in communication and consultancy.

Carole Maleh

Visionary, a bit bold and not yet 30 years old, I started my first consulting company, cama institute for Communication Development, specializing in change conferences. Starting out on my own, without customers, I ventured into an untapped market with methods yet unknown in Germany. The risk was great, but I was fascinated by the results change conferences had had on corporate endeavors elsewhere. I was sure that German companies would also accept these methods to enhance their revenues.

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I was right. After just 2 years, we had expanded so much that I had many cases to share in my first book, and we continued growing. You can find more information in “Publications”.

That was in 1997. Since then, I’ve been consulting top decision-makers of large companies to master change processes together with all stakeholders. And I do this with increasing expertise and joy.


Behind the curtain: From dancing to entrepeneur & change consultant


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