Looking back at 20 years of consultancy expertise, and visualizing my role as a “perfect” change consultant in the future I come to this conclusion.

In this time of high pace and pressure for decision making one of the best things a consultant can do is to encourage the decision maker to stop for a moment, observe and be attentive to what is going on – concerning the issue, yes, but also in regard to their own internal dialogues and feelings. It is important to withdraw from the fear that most people have while making decisions, and to take a bird’s-eye-view to look at all angles of the change. A consultant can remind the decision maker to involve the necessary stakeholders to get all relevant information, and most of all, to listen to their own intuition.

It requires courage and strength to take time to decide. Most people want to decide quickly out of fear of makeing mistakes, or missing a chance.

I believe that supporting our customers with our own confidence and calmness, our ability to distance ourselves from our internal fears, can support our customers in making profound and far reaching decisions.